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Save on my Power  

Business Energy Experts

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Why do we provide a monthly guide price?

We want to help businesses across Central Scotland and the UK to be more informed when it comes to understanding what is a fair and reasonable contract rate for electricity. This is particularly important for contracts due within the next 6-months. We aim to ensure you never pay more than you need to for your business electricity. The wholesale electricity market remains volatile and suppliers will usually issue and update business prices on a monthly basis. By using our guide price, we aim to ensure you only ever agree a fair, reasonable and market reflective rate.

At Save On My Power we provide a monthly guide price, based on a single-rate business tariff in Central Scotland. If you have premises out-with Central Scotland, we can provide a guide price on request.

Our guide price provides transparency of pricing and allows you to make an informed decision before you enter into a new contract. If you're quoted or you receive a renewal a price higher than our guide price, you'll now know you can obtain a lower price through Save On My Power - meaning you will save your business money.

If you already work with an energy consultant or broker, why not use our guide price to compare the rates offered. If the rates quoted are higher than we have published for the month, contact us so we can confirm the rates we could secure for you.

At Save On My Power, we will always provide you with our best price, first time. Allow us an opportunity to work with you and you will soon realise that we're here to support your business, from negotiating the best deals available in the market and by supporting and guiding you through the term of your contract. 

When is the best time to renew my Electricity Contract?

In most cases, you can renew your business electricity contract within 6-months of your contract end-date. Some suppliers, may offer options to renew up to 12-months in advance.

We recommend using our guide price to keep a check on market prices. If the forecast for electricity prices shows an increase in the season/year ahead, then it is always beneficial to renew your contract as early as you are able.

Don't get caught out by thinking that by waiting until nearer your renewal date, you will obtain a better or more competitive price. It is very unlikely this will be the case. Our price guide provides an historical view of prices and as you will see, the trend shows an increase in prices month on month, so by renewing early, your more likely to save money!

Who have been the most competitive suppliers for business electricity in the last 12-months?

We have a relationship with all the main energy suppliers across the UK. In Central Scotland, during 2018 and now early 2019, British Gas, British Gas Lite and ScottishPower have offered competitive pricing options. However, we compare against all suppliers to get you the best deal for your specific requirements.

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